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15 September 2010 - Watch Adrian's ECNP lecture on webcast

A webcast recording is available of Adrian Newman-Tancredi's presentation in a symposium on novel antipsychotics at the 23rd Congress of the ECNP (European College of NeuroPsychopharmacology) in Amsterdam on Sunday 29 August 2010. Adrian's lecture title:

"Searching for an optimised pharmacological cocktail: focus on antipsychotics with combined dopamine D2 and serotonin 5-HT1A activity."

The full symposium programme is detailed here.
Adrian's presentation is available as an online webcast from the ECNP website (


 Watch Adrian's ECNP webcast.

Adrian Webcast at ECNP


If you would like to know more about Adrian's presentations and/or would like him to visit your institution, Contact.