Adrian Newman-Tancredi


Adrian believes that research scientists are most creative in a context of participatory team work and open, face-to-face discussion. Sharing of data, flat hierarchical structures and "transparent" decision-making are key elements of his research management philosophy.

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As a professional industrial neuropharmacologist, Adrian Newman-Tancredi, PhD, DSc, interacted with colleagues at multiple levels: with top management, with researchers reporting to him, with other branches of internal R&D structure as well as with academic collaborators and university trainees. Here are some of their comments about Adrian's scientific and personal qualities.



Francis C. Colpaert Ph.D. (deceased 2010), Research Director, Pierre Fabre Médicament , France
Recruited and managed Adrian at Pierre Fabre

“Having recruited Adrian and worked with him for several years, I can affirm his professionalism both as an internationally-recognized research scientist and as an enthusiastic and motivational manager. Adrian’s innovative contribution to the fields of antipsychotic and serotonin receptor pharmacology have generated ground-breaking concepts that have directly advanced drug discovery programs.”

Magali Marmonier, Founder, Prosalis Conseil HR Management, Poitiers, France
Recruited Adrian when Human Resources Manager of Pierre Fabre Research Centre.

“Adrian is fully committed to the company’s goals and to its drug development pipeline. He has firmly grasped the priority of the pharmaceutical industry to launch efficacious drugs. I can highly recommend
Adrian Newman-Tancredi to all potential employers: his loyalty, scientific and managerial abilities, and his amiability make him a remarkable team leader.”


Mark J. Millan Ph.D., Director, Psychopharmacology Division, Inst. de Rech. Servier, France.
Recruited and managed Adrian at Servier.

“Adrian worked for the best part of a decade in the Division of Psychopharmacology where he fulfilled a highly important role in building up our Molecular Pharmacology Unit, to which he brought not only his technical expertise and detailed knowledge of the literature, but also his organisational skills and commitment to hard work. His successful contribution translated into numerous patents, several novel agents proposed for development, and a rich palette of original papers." 


Mark S. Kleven Ph.D., VP Scientific Operations, Yaupon Therapeutics, Boston
Reported to Adrian at Pierre Fabre

“Adrian is a highly accomplished scientist and outstanding manager, very knowledgeable in his field and adept at developing liaisons across disciplines. He has both a high professional work ethic and a genuine sense of humor. It was a great pleasure to work with him.”

Ronan Depoortere Ph.D., Laboratory Head, Pierre Fabre Médicament, France
Reported to Adrian at Pierre Fabre

“Having worked for five years with Adrian, I still don't know if he is primarily a first-class manager coupled with a top-notch scientist, or vice-versa. I don't need to testify for his impressive scientific capacities or his “nose” for drug discovery (c.f. publication record). However, I can vouch for what does not appear in a CV or a publication list, that is his profound human qualities, above all his utmost respect of people, and a genuine dedication to his missions. To summarize, Adrian is certainly the type of person that could be unconditionally recommended to bring to fruit a drug discovery project.”


Didier Cussac Ph.D., Director of Molecular Pharmacology Dept., Pierre Fabre, France 
Worked with Adrian at Servier and at Pierre Fabre

“Having had the occasion to conduct research with Adrian Newman-Tancredi over the past 14 years, I can affirm he is an excellent and productive Neuroscientist with a large expertise in “in vitro” pharmacology as well as in behavioral models related to schizophrenia, depression, parkinson and pain, successfully communicating his findings in outstanding Journals. Adrian has always the goal of learning about Neurosciences and people, and is very clever to conduct scientific projects as a group leader. Having shared with him my first footsteps in Neurosciences under his supervision and later as a colleague in the same research center, I know Adrian loves sharing his knowledge, he is passionate about his job, and all recognize his leadership to federate people around him. I unambiguously recommend Adrian Newman-Tancredi as an outstanding Neuroscientist with a nice personality.”


Olivier Vitton M.D., Medical Director, Pierre Fabre , France
Worked with Adrian at Pierre Fabre

“Adrian is a pharmacologist with a development oriented approach. He can lead a research program in pharmaceutical industry. These skills are very appreciated by a medical director.”


Christophe Pignier Ph.D., Head of Electrophysiology Lab, Pierre Fabre, France
Worked with Adrian at Pierre Fabre

“As Laboratory head in electrophysiology and colleague of Adrian I had the opportunity to work and to interact with him. It was really a chance for me to collaborate with him and learn from him on some research projects. Adrian demonstrated a top level scientific status with competences oriented to drug discovery as well as to development process. In discussion with Adrian, I convinced myself that he has a very critical, inventive and constructive mind that help in science to gain convincing results to go further in the “so hard drug” discovery process. Apart from its professional skills, I really appreciated discussions with Adrian. His openness and friendliness coupled to it good manager skills make him a pleasant person to work with.”


Umberto Spampinato M.D. Ph.D., Professor, University of Bordeaux II, France 
Collaborated with Adrian

“I have known Adrian since 2002, and during the last years we have established a fruitful scientific collaboration on the interactions between the central serotonergic and dopaminergic systems. Adrian is undoubtedly an outstanding scientist in the field of behavioral and biochemical pharmacology, as proven by the high number and great quality of his publications, and is socially a very pleasant person to work with.”


Herbert Y. Meltzer M.D., Professor, Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee.
Consulted for Pierre Fabre and collaborated with Adrian

“I have known Adrian Newman-Tancredi for probably two decades, having consulted to Pierre Fabre and seeing him annually at Neuroscience and other meetings. I always look forward to those meetings because he will invariably have some new research he wishes to share and will be able to provide commenatry to me on my research on other developments in our field. Adrian is an outstanding neuropharmacologist who has great insights into the serotonin receptor family, in particular, and the potential to develop drugs with indications for mood disorders and psychosis based upon targeting specific receptor subtypes. He is exceptional in a number of ways: the ability to translate basic research into clinical applications; as a team leader developing a broad based team to characterize novel molecules neurochemically, behaviorally and electrophysiologically. He has many contacts, such as myself, in academia who he can call upon to collaborate and advise as needed. His interpersonal skills and mastery of English, French and Italian (perhaps others) will be of great value to many who would engage him as a consultant. Adrian is someone you can count on to give you a straight, honest answer to questions put before him. I recommend him without reservation as a consultant to pharma, government, the investment community, and granting agencies.”


Kelly Berg Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Uni. Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. 
Collaborated with Adrian

“Adrian is an exceptionally talented researcher as evidenced by his publication of numerous papers in meritorious journals. For several years now I have had the pleasure of discussing our mutual interests in serotonin receptors and ligand functional selectivity. I am looking forward to establishing a formal collaboration with Adrian in the near future.”